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Question & Answer with Sushant Singh Rajput


Sushant Singh Rajput an Indian actor, dancer who belongs to Bihar, Patna, took his last breath on 14th June, 2020 at his home in Bandra, Mumbai. He was 34.

Apart from acting and running Innsaei Ventures,Rajput was actively involved in various programmes like Sushant4Education,  as a part of efforts to help young students. NITI Aayog, the policy think-tank of the Indian government, signed him to promote the Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP).

Here are the secrets that he revealed. Let’s have a look!

Q- What has change after you turned 30?
A- The chance of getting a delay engineering degree from my college is completely gone (I’ m a college dropout).

Q- The word you are never tired of hearing.
A- Action, in any context (laughs).

Q- You can’t live without
A- Dreams.

Q- One thing you would like to change about women
A- Men’s general perception towards them.

Q- A change you would like to seen in film industry?
A- A bit more fearless and unity.

Q- What is that you love about the film industry?
A- It goes on…

Q- Which phrase do you use often?

Q- A person outside your family that you trust implicitly.
A- Shekhar Kapur.

Q- If you could turn back time, what would you like to relive?
A- Any moment spent with my mother.

Q- The most cherished iteam in your wardrobe is
A- My underwwar.

Q- An actor in the industry that you admire?
A- Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Q- If you need advice, whose number would you dial?
A-My publicist.

Q- A director you wish would offer you a film.
A- Anand Gandhi.

Q- You want to see urself paired with,,
A- Tabu

Q- What’s that ome thing you wish you had?
A- A time machine.

Q- Which destination is on your travel wish list right now?
A- Norway.

Q- You are possessive about..
A- My Nephew.

Q- A constant need..
A- A need to be understood.

Q- The person you miss all time
A- My Mother.

Q- Which Hollywood Actress would you love to hook up with?
A- Jennifer Lawrence.

Q- The Hollywood Actor whose life you would love to lend..
A- James Dean.

Q- If not Indian, Where would you want to live?
A- New Zealand.

Q- Which artist do you admire the most?
A- Vincent Van Gogh.

Interview by: Nayandeep Rakshit